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Welcome to the Todd History

I have always had a fascination with history and an interest in the Todd family's roots. It was, perhaps, no coincidence that my grandmother entrusted me with some of the cherished Todd Family documents, including my great-great-grandfather's original Homestead certificate, which firmly planted Todd roots in the soil of Southeast Alabama.

I began collecting information on the Todds and buidling our family tree in my spare time, and amassed a wonderful trove of photos and data, occasionally benefiting from the tremendous genealogy work of other Todd relatives.

My particular branch of the Todds came from Scotland after the defeat of Bonny Prince Les s de langue espagnole et installations de jeux proposent de la musique et de l'animation, gastronomie et spiritueux, et le meilleur jeu sur la planete. Charles in slots 1746. The migrated south to¬† Georgia and Alabama over the successive generations, and settled in Dothan, Let’s take a closer look at your casino online and how it affects you. Houston Co., Alabama, where I was born and raised.

I occasionally receive emails from relatives who have found this site and often add unknown data and facts to our tree, casino online as well as offering corrections and asking about specific information that I've posted here. I'm very grateful to the Todd family historians who have come before me, and to those who are actively still reserching the Todd family. Because of their work, many more people now are able to connect with our family.

This site is intended both to aid the organization of my own research and documentation, but also to serve as a place for kin and fellow Todd researchers to connect, exchange information and provide a broader picture of the Todd Family Tree.

Thanks for stopping by. Look around, register on the site, and become an active part of our community!

Stewart Todd
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